Carolina Kits 3D® Earth and Space Science

Built to support 3-dimensional instruction for high school Earth and space science, these lab programs allow students to explore topics across all core concept areas. Each Carolina Kits 3D Earth and Space Science Bundle includes digital resources and hands-on materials for a class of 32 students and includes investigations from Space Systems, History of Earth, Earth’s Systems, Weather and Climate, and Human Sustainability.

Each of the kits contains sets of investigations, assessments, and digital resources to help your students make sense of phenomena as they build understanding of the core concepts in Earth and space science. Students think like scientists as they apply evidence gathered during the investigations to make claims surrounding driving questions, refining their claims and understanding as they progress.

Bundle contain instructional and lab materials to complete the each set of investigations, excluding common classroom materials such as glassware, pencils, water, and balances. The digital resources include the complete teacher’s manual, student guides, and supplementary digital resources.

Earth and Space Science Bundle Options